I think I found the secret

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I think I may have just found a way to get my wife to get on board with the whole card collecting thing. At first, I thought the A&G Monsters of the Mesozoic would have done the trick, but the take-up wasn't as great as I would have liked. But now, I think I know what's going to get me not just condoned, but actual sanctioned monthly purchases.


Seriously. If I exercise regularly, and eat more salad and less fries, I will be rewarded with being able to purchase cards without snide remarks or rolled eyes in my general direction. And before you think of it as bribery, or treating me like a six-year-old who won't eat his broccoli, please bear in mind that this all started as her idea of rewarding *herself* with regular exercise using visits to oldnavy.com - my Machavellian mind saw an opportunity. I just said "well what if I join you?" and waited for her to suggest the rest.

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    well played sir. well played.

    Captain, you stole my exact thought... I applaud you Jonathan, negotiating card purchases with the wife is a chess match... well played...

    thats just beautiful!!!