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Guess what my lovely sister-in-law got me for a Christmas present? A gift certificate to Al's Card Shop, my LCS. Guess what the kids on the tee-ball team I coach got me as a thank you? A gift certificate to Al's Card Shop, my LCS. What a great sister-in-law! What great kids! What did I buy, you ask?

Well, here's some of the singles. Rest assured that I did not spend 90 bucks on these cards. I'm just saving the boxes for another time.

The Griffey and Ichiro 2009 Legendary Cuts cards complete my set of four. I pick up Lincecum and Felix back in July when I was visiting the States. I must have been to Al's at least five times since then, but it wasn't until now that Griffey and Ichiro were in the binder, ready for me to take them home. There was actually quite a bit of new stuff in the binder...

Such as this Franchise History card featuring Timmy from A Piece of History. I pulled the Jays and Red Sox in my box, two teams I don't care about at all. I don't care about the Giants, either, but I do care about Lincecum. So that's a keeper.

This was probably the best trip I've had for getting Lincecum cards at Al's. Here's two cards from 2009 O-Pee-Chee: the base card and a League Leaders card. I'm not really a big fan of the multiple player card, particularly because I feel duty bound to collect the cards if my players are on them, but there can also be other players I don't care to have clogging up my binders.

More Griffey cards, random inserts from his first stint with the Mariners and time with the Reds. I'm actually collecting the Hot Commodities set, so I needed two copies of this card. This is copy #2 and I feel much better.

And - SUCCESS! Another card for the Griffey White Sox project. This goes into the PC, when I bust another box of A Piece of History (and I will) if I get a Griffey it'll go into the set binder. Now I just have to chase all the parallels...

There is one more single I picked up, but that gets its own post. You'll see why very soon. Stay tuned...

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