Uniform Back Cards (Part 4 in a series)

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This is Matt Wieters. At least, I have to take TriStar's word for it. Many, many uniform back cards show a batter at the plate, ready to load up on a belt-high fastball or hanging curve. (See Part 1 or Part 2 of this series for more examples). I guess that the batter isn't set up on the correct side of the plate for the photographer, but the shutterbug snaps the picture anyway.

I still don't understand why card companies insist on using the pictures for their cards, however. Is it a lack of options? Matt Wieters was a heralded draft pick. In fact, that's what this card is all about. Why use this picture?

I do like, however, that the uniform back evokes the Orioles without actually saying "Orioles". Of course, TriStar can't say the word "Orioles" because they don't have the license to do that. But the font and colors on Wieters's uniform are very reminicient of a certain Baltimore team.

Finally, what's up with the one dude in the stands? Is he a scout? Somebody's grandpa? Matt Wieters's grandpa, maybe?

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