Uniform Back Cards (Part 2 in a series)

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I've already mentioned how the 2009 Topps set is full of uniform backs, and is the inspiration for this series. Well, here's some more from Series 1. As you look at these, remember that I didn't pull out my Series 2 binder for this. I'm saving that for another time.

The Craig Counsell picture above is one of my favorites. I've always had a lot of time for Counsell, because he "plays the game the right way" as scouts like to say. His gritty, never-say-die attitude always goes over well in Cincinnati, and it's a shame Counsell never played for the Reds during his career. He's a guy who wasn't blessed with a lot of gifts, but made the most out of what he had. Now, having said that, he's still a more talented baseball player than 99.5% of the general public.

Rod Barajas - what a guy. What a pick up for the Dodgers. Signed late in the season to take over for Russell Martin's festering corpse, Barajas will get every opportunity to battle Dioner Navarro Mark II for the Dodgers starting job. If that doesn't get them excited in Dodgertown, I don't know what will. It's not like we're talking about a guy who was ajudged to have one of the worst individual seasons by a catcher in Phillies history or anything like that.

Pitchers get into the act in 2009 Topps, too. Here we have Justin Verlander, who led the American League in losses during the 2008 season. What's his reward? An action shot with a nice clear view of his uniform back. Kids everywhere now know he wears #35. What happened in 2009? Verlander ended up leading the league in wins with 19. Never underestimate the power of the uniform back card.

Finally, I noticed that a lot of the special cards - the highlights, the award winners, and the like, showed uniform backs. I remember Lincecum's Cy Young card had a picture of his number, and there was another one, too. It's almost like Topps said "Okay, you're getting more than one card in this set, but we are only going to give you one good picture. So you'll have to have one where you can't see your face."

Above is Evan Longoria's Postseason Highlights card. A nice view of his batting stance. Look at that concentration in his eyes. Now look back at Craig Counsell's card. Now back to me. Now back to Evan. Ladies, wouldn't you want your man to smell like Evan Longoria?

Here - a bonus. Proof of Lincecum's Cy Young card. Strictly speaking, it's not a uniform back picture - you can see his whole face and the view of the number is more from the side than straight on. But you can make out the number 55, clear as day.

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    Interesting...something I don't think I ever would have noticed. Love the batting stance pictures, it's cool to see the differences players have in their approach to hitting.

    I noticed it as well! There's a few in the 2010 set too, but not as many. I love the photo's Donruss used in their sets from 1986-1990. A lot of them were exactly the same as the Barajas card, but from the front. Love em!
    BTW Jonathan - I'm back!

    Nick J