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I love watching the show Storage Wars. One of my dreams is to win a storage locker auction and find a whole bunch of 1975 Topps cards in the locker. There's just two things wrong with that dream:

  1. There aren't any storage locker auctions in Australia. Here, if you don't pay your bill, the companies just open up the locker themselves, take all the good stuff and sell it, and throw the rest away. Which I suppose is fair enough.
  2. Even if there were storage locker auctions here, I highly doubt any lockers would contain any 1975 Topps cards.
However, I have a new friend named Jeff. Jeff is a storage auction enthusiast who happened to come across some 1975 Topps cards in a locker he bought. 422 of them, in fact. So Jeff put the lot on eBay, where I was able to snag it for right around 42 bucks. In other words, I got all those cards for the 10-cents-a-card benchmark I think is fair.

The cards arrived yesterday, and so far I have resisted the urge to bust out all of them in a hours-long 1975 Topps cataloguing and filing orgy. I've only gone through a third instead. Here are two highlights.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the best card in 1975 Topps. Not Robin Yount, or George Brett, or either of the Hank Aarons. Why is this Herb Washington card the best? Check out his position.

Now check out the back. Even his stat lines are different, adjusted to reflect his unique position in baseball history.

Finally, here is a "Joy of a Completed Page" - my first completed page of '75 Topps.

More to come as I go through the second lot of my "Storage Wars" cards tonight.

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    Hmm... it says 'anonymous' but that comment was from me!

    Dude, these cards are awesome! I can't wait to own a complete '75 set. I have only 40 of them in my possession so far, but it will be completed someday!

    Also, I love your taste in TV Shows - I watch/record every episode of Storage Wars, Pawn Stars & American Pickers. Almost religiously! Barry Weiss is THE MAN! Also, Jeff Jarred, who features in some episodes of Storage Wars, is fan-friendly. He'll chat to you on Twitter!

    P.S. - I'm a bit late, but I'm sending your package tomorrow.


    Nick J