The First Pack

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Well, the various check marks in the various boxes on the report cards have been filled in, so I figure it's time for a brief reward, then back to the grind. But let's open my first pack of 2010 Topps.

I'm excited, because this is the first current pack of baseball cards that I have opened since some '91 Topps, unless you count those O-Pee-Chee Premiers I still have no recollection opening. So it's kind of a big deal to me. It'll probably be as big a let down as the 1990 Topps pack I opened for A Pack to be Named Later.

Anyway, here's what we've got. 8 cards, no bubblegum to ruin the cards. That reminds me, I need to by some toploaders, apparently. Wonder if there's any hobby shops in town...

115 - Gordon Beckham (Wow! Right on top, a highly touted young player for one of my favorite teams. I'm liking things so far.)
182 - Coco Crisp (Oh well, we can't have everything.)
204 - Checklist 2 of 5 (Elvis Andrus and Ian Kinsler)
311 - Jose Valverde (Blech...Astros)
Bob Gibson 1959 Yo Mamma Card (with original back)
PP9 - Bob Gibson Peak Performer Card (miscut)
Some card with Adam Dunn for something called ToppsTown (what the hell is that?)
164 - Carlos Carrasco (RC)

Well, the Beckham was definitely a win. No parallels, the closest thing was the Gibson Yo Mamma with the original back, which told me that his nickname was Hoot (like I didn't know that already) and that he was optioned back to Omaha from the Cards in 1959. The checklist I could have done without, and Valverde was disappointing because I, well, hate the Astros.

The Beckham pull means the Sox will be the first team I preview, when I finally get the chance. Which probably means Thursday night.

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