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Another day, another trade. This time, it’s with Mike from BA Benny’s Baseball Card Buffet and The Pack Rip Cafe. Mike served up a heaping helping of cards, with a envelope stuffed full of cards off my want list, for my PCs, and even a few relics. Like all good buffets, there was plenty on my plate and I didn’t go hungry.

There were some shiny cards...

some serial-numbered cards...

and even some Opening Day cards.

Mike knocked off an even dozen from my A Piece of History want list, including Matt Cain. I think I’m turning into an accidental Matt Cain collector, kind of like Night Owl and his Jon Link collection.

He also sent a further nine from the 2008 Baseball Heroes set, which I’m pretty sure puts me over the halfway point now.

Cards from 2010 Topps. I still love the Legendary Lineage subset and am always happy to get more cards from it. However, I wish it hadn’t made an appearance in the Update set because some of the pairings are, well, a stretch. This has me worried about the 2011 Diamond Duos set.

There were 2009 Topps cards as well, some of which made completed pages in the binder. Cole Hamels was perhaps the biggest name of these cards, and the Manny Parra could show up again in a Uniform Back segment. Three big-name Turkey Reds (well, two big-name Turkey Reds and Todd Helton) mean more steady progress in what I can tell is going to be a long project. I’ll be honest with you, I’m kinda glad there isn’t another 150-card Turkey Red set for me to collect in 2011 Topps.

Finally, some cards that get their own mention:

A 2005 Bazooka Felix Hernandez – a “pre-rookie” card and the oldest King Felix in my collection since he was effectively a Double-A player at the time this card was printed. The picture is from the 2004 All-Star Futures game, I believe.

A 2004 Fleer Classic Clippings with a Todd Helton relic, including a nice purple pinstripe. This is actually my second Helton relic card. If only I knew a Rockies fan to trade with...

The second relic that Mike sent was a great-looking Brandon Webb from 2009 Legendary Cuts. I really like the deep red, rust color of the swatch, but that being said, if I get the right offer, this is definitely available for trade.

Finally, here’s a Mike Leake chrome refractor from 2010 Topps Update. Mike had posted this card on his site while our trade was still in the works. I mentioned how I was interested in it and he was kind enough to throw it in the trade package. This is a great addition, especially since the two rookie refractors I got on my own from 2010 Topps were Sam Demel and Jose Tabata. Thanks for this card, and thanks for a great trade, Mike!

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    Cards From the Quarry is a Rockies colllector and a great trader.