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Things are starting to come thick and fast here at RGB North headquarters. The day after my triple mail day, I received another envelope in the mail. This time, it was from Sam at The Daily Dimwit. He and I are currently working on a trade, but this wasn’t part of it – rather, it was more contest winnings from a prize he was giving away late last year. I didn’t win the grand prize, but I guess Sam was in the Christmas spirit because he sent me some cards anyway:

* Two Bowman Heritage cards: Cody Strait (who I can’t remember) and Homer Bailey (who sometimes I wish I could forget)

* Two Jay Bruce SP Authentic cards, one for the set binder and one for the team binder

*Another Griffey card. I should really count my Griffey cards – I’m probably very close to triple digits now.

* A Bob Feller All-Time Legends card. Now Feller played his entire career with Cleveland, but when he played, the Indians and the Reds (and also the Chicago Cubs) used the wishbone C for their logos. No matter – Bob Feller cards are always welcome. My mom and her family are from Cleveland and are big Indians fans. She grew up going to Tribe games with her dad, and one time my grandmother saw Bob Feller waiting in line at the bank. She got him to autograph the back of a deposit slip.

Thanks for the cards, Sam. I’m in the process of compiling your package with Upper Deck 20th Anniversary cards and Astros cards.

Also, I should say that this package was mailed on February 8 and I received it nine days later. That’s more like the transit time I’m used to expecting, so maybe things are looking up, mail-wise.

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