It's a boy!

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The picture you see above you is a baby in a bassinet, watching a Reds game on TV. The batter is Ryan Ludwick. The baby is my son, born on Tuesday. He is the first child for me and my wife. By luck or a twist of fate, the Reds just happened to be on the air on Thursday here in Australia. It was my son's first game.

Even though the Reds lost to the Pirates, and even though he had no idea what was going on (and probably couldn't even see the TV due to newborn eyesight being approximately 20/400), I was able to do something I had been dreaming about for many, many a Reds game with my son. May it be the first of many. :)

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    congrats on the new addition!


    I should've put a TV up in my daughter's room and played baseball nonstop. I'd have a rabid fan by now.

    Congratulations ! When my wife was in labor with our first son,it was Oct.1984, I was watching the Browns on TV.

    There will many more great memories born as time goes on.

    My first daughter was born in October and I can remember laying in the room before and after labor/birth watching playoff baseball. I think it's started to run off too because she now loves to sit down and look through daddy's baseball card binders! Congrats!

    Awesome! Congrats man!


    Congratulations! Get them started early!

    Congrats! I too am a Reds fan, and I have a baby boy on the way in two months - can't wait to do the same!

    congratulations to you and your wife bud.