Manu-hit madness

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I was going to make a snarky post about seagulls, and being chased by them. Then I got to the hit of the pack:

If I could pick any Oriole to get a relic from, it would be Frank Robinson, of course. But Brooksie is a close second. Even if it's a manuhit, it's still pretty sweet looking.

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    Nice hit! I still haven't seen one of those. Are they super thick like the Ring ones?

    I wouldn't say it's super thick. It's about the same as the manu-hit cards that come one to a blaster pack. The card itself is very shiny and I'm glad I got it. I don't know if it counts as a case hit because Topps didn't print the odds on the outside of the box this year. Maybe they printed them on the wrapper?