Damning with faint praise

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A short post today as I'm going to spend four hours watching Wrestlemania tonight.

As regular readers know, I love the MLB At Bat app. It is my lifeline - my way to stay in touch with all the games, including spring training games. Those are a particular treat, as announcers tend to have a bit of fun, especially with the small listening audiences and in the late innings when the fields are full of minor leaguers.

I was listening to a Pirates/Rays spring training game (don't laugh, it was the only game on the radio) Thursday whilst I was driving around. Rod Barajas was at bat for the Pirates. Now, Rod Barajas isn't exactly what you would call gifted with speed. That much was apparent after he hit the ball into the gap, where it reached the wall and kept rolling. As the Rays' play-by-play man, Dave Wills, called it:

"Barajas lines a ball into the gap in left center, Johnson chasing after it, that ball is going to roll along the wall. Johnson throws it back in, and Barajas stretches a triple into a double."

I bust myself laughing at that one. I'm sure the drivers in the other cars thought I was crazy.

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    that is truly hilarious!!! Although if I had to run the bases at all these days, I'd be lucky to stretch a home run into a single!!