2012 Topps Blaster 1, Part 2

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In case you missed it, here's the first half of the first 2012 Topps cards I've opened this year. So far, my response has been tepid. Perhaps it's because I've been building it up in my mind for more than two months, to almost obscene levels of anticipation. Or maybe it's because Topps put out an average set this year.

Here are my thoughts on packs 6 through 10, plus the unavailing of the manupatch card.

Thoughts on Pack 6: I got a Brandon McCarthy, resplendent in gold uni top and white pants - Charlie Finley would be proud. I'm sure you know this already, but let me be the 865th person to name him as my top fantasy baseball sleeper...I finally found my insert set! I loved the 1987 Topps set (unlike almost everyone else), so I think the '87 minis are 97 kinds of awesome. I will happily take any and all 87 mini inserts you don't want...Seeing John Axford gives me an idea for an A&E show. They already have Storage Wars and Parking Wars and Shipping Wars, so why not Moustache Wars? First up, Axford versus Jason Giambi's 2004 porn 'stache.

Thoughts on Pack 7: You're looking at the only highlight. And really, "Joe with the Big Blow"? Couldn't have we come up with something better...I liked the Diamond Duos and Legendary Lineage subsets in the past, but Timeless Talents looks like something out of 2008 Upper Deck. I think I'll give it a miss...HAI TOPPZ! Y NO REDZ BASE CARDZ???!??!@!

Thoughts on Pack 8: Zack Greinke, as bland and inoffensive as the pose on his baseball card...There really isn't any better picture to capture the essence of Captain Tatt. It's too bad he'll probably slink back into oblivion regress to the mean this season...I love the look of sheer terror on Matt Kemp's face. I don't think it has anything to do with that fly ball, though. He probably just got a look at this season's Dodger roster.

Thoughts on Pack 9: What a bastard...How many Phillies can I get in an eight-card pack? Apparently three (Bastardo, Howard and Polanco)...My second '87 mini; I can definitely see myself collecting this set, but does UltraPro make pages that these cards will fit into?...Only one more pack until we find out what the patch card is.

Thoughts on Pack 10: My second gold parallel, and I got the base card, too...Oh the irony; Mark Trumbo and the guy the Angels are shipping out of town to make room for him...I'm not sure if card No. 59 is the Rangers team card or a post-season highlights card, since it's the only one of either that I pulled in the box (did that make sense?)...STILL no Reds base cards - I'm very disappointed.

Thoughts on the Manupatch: I'm very disappointed. Not only was it a "Historical Stitches" card instead, but it was a damn Yankee! Sorry, Dodgers fans, but Mattingly is still a Yankee, and always will be. The best part of this card is that it gives us a contestant for the second episode of Moustache Wars. Besides, as awesome as the retired number patches are, the concept of the historical stitches is that amount of lame. A card "featuring stitched designed to replicate his vintage jersey"? WTF?

That patch is most definitely up for trade. I'm sure you can figure out what to offer (hint: a retired number manu-patch)

Thoughts on the set: Overall, the set design is okay. It's not bad, but it's nowhere near as good as 2011 (or even 2010). That's okay, we can't hit a home run every time up, and neither can Topps. I love the whole idea of the retired number patches, and will try to get my hands on some more blasters, because they're fun to open and I need to collect two sets this year.

I'm going to start opening jumbo packs now, and save the final blaster for last.

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    I like the historical stitches cards, but I think that's just because they're different from past manu-patches.