Hey Bert!

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This is what Card US58 is supposed to look like:

Not bad, especially because it's Lincecum. I need one for my PC, anyway. But this is what the US58 I pulled looks like:

Holland's greatest living ballplayer, Rik Adelbert Aalbert Blyleven.

What's the name of that particular type of diamond parallel? Port wine stain?

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    Very nice looking short print. That's probably my second favorite short print from this year's set, behind the Robin Roberts I pulled early this fall. And I think the Liquorfractor treatment looks GReat on this one. That version does not always enhance the cards but I think this one does.

    And I'd probably be a monkey's uncle if I did not point out today's word verification: chimp

    I have to agree, it does look pretty good. That said, if somebody has a legends short print of a player from a team I collect, it's up for trade.

    I'd like it better if it were a Twins Blyleven card, but that's just a greedy Twins fan talking.

    ...and I could be wrong, but I think that type of parallel is called Cognac.