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I've spent most of my blogging time tonight working on something that isn't even technically a post - it's a page that formalises and sets out all the rules about The Belt, plus it contains a history and even some statistics about The Belt. Check it out - it's always available on the right-hand side of the blog. Just click on the logo of whatever team that is currently holding The Belt to find out more.

I was also able to find a smaller Cardinals logo to use, so that's kept me from going insane every time I open my own blog. Hopefully it won't be on there for too much longer.

Still, I should post some cards or write something about baseball, since that's the reason you all come to the site. So here's two more cards I picked up last week on the trip to Perth. By the way, a big thank you for reading - the blog seems to crack a new milestone in visits, page views, posts or subscribers every other week.

Let me be perfectly clear - I did not get this card because of the Phillies. I got it because I like Scott Rolen as a player, and always have. Now, that said, the powder blue throwback uni is pretty sweet. No surprise - regular readers know my predilection for old school uniforms.

It dawns on me, though - what am I going to do with this card? I got it because I like Scott Rolen, and I'm glad he's on the Reds. But it's not a Reds card, so I can't put it in the Reds binder. And I don't have a Scott Rolen binder. Or a Topps Moments and Milestones binder. In fact, I'm getting hives just thinking about one of those.

Maybe I should create a throwback uniform collection. Hmm, that's actually not a bad idea...

Also, here's a Paul Konerko Box Score Memories parallel from my beloved 2009 A Piece of History set. Unlike the Rolen, I know exactly where I can put this card - in a Captain Paulie page in my White Sox binder. This is a companion to the Konerko Box Score Memories relic I pulled out of the box of APOH that I bought, coincidentally enough, at Al's. Unfortunately, they didn't have any boxes of that in stock this time, or I would have totally bought one. Maybe even two.

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