Who doesn't like getting mail from Duryea?

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When I went to get the mail today, there was a padded envelope from Duryea, Pennsylvania, USA. On the customs declaration it said "replacement cards" but I knew what it really was. My five redemption cards for my ten Jumbo wrappers.

To get them today, by the way, marks a three-week turnaround, so that's pretty darn good. They must have mailed them out the day they received my wrappers. Here's what was inside:

Cliff Lee

Adrian Gonzalez

Carlos Gonzalez

Jose Reyes

Derek Jeter

Superstarss all, except for maybe CarGo but he's just unproven. Still, the whole pack and not anybody that I am interested in keeping. So here's the deal - they are all available, in a one-for-one exchange. I'm looking for the following players, in this order of want:

Felix Hernandez
Tim Lincecum
Any Red (Chapman, Votto)
Any Oriole (Markakis, A. Jones)
Adam Dunn (White Sox)
Buster Posey

I think that I have the quality in these five cards that make for some fair trades for those players. Comment or e-mail me if you want to trade. I'm sure we can turn it into something bigger than one card-for-one card, but if not, then a one-for-one will do.

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    I can trade you an Oriole of you can trade me Cliff Lee. I'm working on the set, and he's the only one you have that I still need.

    Wait, I need Jeter too. You up for an overseas trade?