While you were sleeping

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It's currently 4:22 p.m. here in Western Australia. Ordinarily, I don't post news at this time - I might write a news article, but I'll set it up to post in a few hours when people on the east coast of America have woken up and are checking their computers.

But I'm posting this in real time. Because, as I said, it's 4:22 p.m. here in W.A., which makes it 4:22 a.m. on the east coast of the United States, and 1:22 a.m. in California. And yet, here I am, listening to a ballgame - live.

Or rather, a rain delay, live. Because the Dodgers and the Padres are in a rain delay - again. For the fourth time tonight. This is the game that will not end. But at least I can listen to baseball all afternoon while I work. Just like back home.

They say that the rain is going away in about ten minutes. The good news is that it's the ninth inning. The bad news is that the game is tied, so there's no sign of the game ending any time soon.

Enjoy your sleep. You might be able to watch the end the of the game when you wake up.

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    I gave up at 4 a.m. here on the east coast, USA. I'm glad I did because the game was suspended not long after.