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At the halfway point of my jumbo box, I'm taking a brief intermission to redeem some Diamond Giveaway codes. With the "Recently Unlocked" cards showing cards from the '60s and '70s, now's the time!

First up is Derek Jeter. He unlocks:

Are you kidding me? Am I the first person to unlock a card that is currently available in stores?!? I sure as hell hope people offer me up some trades. Maybe I'm going to wait on redeeming more codes.

Aw, heck, let's try again.

Next is Reggie Jackson. I never liked Jeter, anyway. But Mr. October won't steer me wrong. He was an Oriole, after all:

Well, at least this card is from the '70s. Barely. But let's keep going.

I've used Yankees past and present. Now's time for a future Yankee, Phat Albert. Whatcha got, Poo-holes?:

Sunovabitch. I'm going to bed.

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    From the blowout message boards regarding the die cut cards:

    "Just talked to topps and the man on the phone said the Diamond cuts are much more limited then we think...He said we will be suprised at the limited number made. He asked me if I had seen any duplicates? What do you think...."

    Someone in the thread has an Ike Davis, so now I've seen a duplicate. But I wouldn't freak out about these just yet.

    those cards are selling well on ebay, I wouldn't just trade them away :)

    check them out here

    Those are most definitely not the same ones you get I'm retail packs. You did great! Congrats!!