Diamond Giveaway results - Part 2

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Okay, so it appears I may have looked like a giant schmuck complaining about unlocking two Diamond die-cut cards in my account. I had two more cards to be redeemed. No, I didn't get any more die-cuts. Luckily, I didn't get any cards made in the 21st century, either.

Code number for belonged to Roy Halladay. Here's what Roy had in store:

A 1979 Mark Littell card. I'll be honest with you, I've never heard of Mark Littell. But at least his card his more than 30 years old. So I was happy with that. Onward and upward...

Hello, Ryan Howard. You've been popping up a lot in this box:

And Howard unlocks one of the oldest cards I've seen so far in the giveaway, a 1966 John Stephenson card. The classic catcher pose - I think pretty much every catcher from 1956 to 1969 had to pose like that for his card.

So that gives me five digs. After I collect these five rings, I'll get a bonus card and dig, so that's good. First up, I dig at first base. That's my natural position, so it makes sense to start there. I uncovered:

A Babe Ruth ring. That's a good start. Next, I'll dig at the pitcher's mound. Here's what I got:

Hey, this is good! An Orioles ring - nice. Let's continue around the diamond by digging at home plate:

Oh, this is not a mistake. And it's not good. To get the bonus, you need five different rings. And trading isn't enabled. So I won't be able to get a free ring now. :(

Oh well, on to third base:

A trip down the B-W Expressway (and back in time) to the legacy Washington Senators. Judging by the logo, this is the team that became the Twins, rather than the one that became the Rangers. Final dig - let's finish it off by going to second base:

Are. You. Freaking. Kidding. Me?!?

Look, I love the Orioles, but I don't want three virtual rings. Now I'm two codes behind where I need to be, and it looks like I need to wait at least a month before I can trade these (essentially worthless) extra rings. I simply don't understand, if the site is live, why we have to wait until April until we're able to trade. What's the rationale behind that? I'm afraid that if I wait, then they're going to run out of certain teams' cell-phone covers. That's the prize I really want (although the 60th anniversary set might be fun). I hope I'm wrong, but this has really soured the whole digging thing, which I thought was going to be pretty fun.

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