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Things are slower here.

That's in no way an indictment at all on my trade partner, Julie, aka PerfectHalladay, from Things are Funner Here. It's more a problem with Australia Post. Julie was one of six people who I mailed packages off to before I left for my European extravaganza. Hers was the first I got back. She sent it on January 25. I got it...yesterday.

Usually, it takes about a week, ten days tops. This was three weeks. Clearly, Australia Post flies the mail over to Perth, then walks it up to Derby. Or something like that.

The good news is that this is the first of many packages, and thus the first of many trade posts. And hopefully soon, when I get my DSL line up and running, normal posting. Because I want to do the Blog-Bat-Around, continue the Uniform Back series, and much, much more. And, the one-year anniversary of RGB Cards is next month! Hard to believe, but it's true.

Okay, enough with the bellyaching. On to what Julie sent my way:

(and by the way, she's having a contest but it ends today at noon so you've got about six hours to enter. Hurry!)

In exchange for a few Roys and Coles and Jimmys, she was kind enought to knock some cards off some of my subsets, including a mess of Turkey Reds.

Two cards stand out from the pack. First, THE BUZZSAW!

And finally, Lawrence Peter Berra. You know if I'm highlighting a Yankee on this blog, it must be a good card.

Julie also included two Yo Momma Cards for the collection, an Ernie Banks, and a positively svelte Tony Gwynn. You know it's his rookie year because he's wearing a positively un-Gwynn-like number 53. Is it Tony Gwynn, or Herbie the Love Bug?

This card wasn't on my want list, but as a Griffey card I don't have, it's a welcome edition to the PC. It's a 2003 Upper Deck Victory card.

And finally, some 2008 Baseball Heroes. A charcoal parallel Edinson Volquez, a Paul Konerko and Erik Bedard, and an Aaron Harang that I already had, but it can go in the Reds binder. You know what? I don't think I'm going to miss Harang now that he's in San Diego.

Thanks Julie for the trade! Like I said, that's just one of six packages that I'm expecting. The others will be featured when they come in the mail...someday.

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    Did the package I sent you from January's group break show up yet? I threw some extra goodies in there for you.

    I'm late to commenting on this, but I am VERY glad the package made it to you, and that you liked the cards!

    Colbey, the package hasn't come yet, but that's not a surprise, as you'll find out in my next post.