I've taken the plunge

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I've gone ahead and ordered my box of 2011 Topps Series 1 (maybe you've heard of it?) tonight. I wanted to take advantage of the Super Bowl specials so thanks to Orange County Sports Cards I've got a jumbo box heading my way, along with some loose packs as well. I'm looking forward to getting some shiny goodness, and although I'm not going to chase the whole shiny set, I do want any shiny cards that Ichiro, King Felix and Tim Lincecum appear on, so please keep me in mind!

I also hope to get some rack packs sent over to me by my parents. I won some auctions on eBay that I need them to send over, too. I just need to educate my mom on what a "rack pack" is first, though!

Hopefully my trade stacks should start arriving, too. My Internet connection will be hooked up soon, and I can scan in and write about some great trades. Until then, it's updating on the phone (bleh) and at work when the opportunity presents itself (careful!)

Keep writing about the 2011 Topps, folks! I'm enjoying looking at all the cards people are getting and can't wait to pull some of my own...

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