Instant success

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Yesterday, I mentioned one of the cards that Joe from The Sandlot sent over in his trade package was a 1995 Pacific Mariners Memories card, and how I was interested in the rest. Afterward, I looked the set up on Google but couldn't find much, apart from one guy who wrote that he had bought one but they were "pretty rare, so I don't know where you would find them." He helpfully failed to mention where he had purchased his, but he was kind enough to opine that they would probably be expensive.

Well, I guess this guy has never heard of a little website called eBay, because when I went on there today I found about ten of them for sale, including a sealed one for $4.50 delivered. Of course, it'll be delivered to my parents' place, but I'm used to that. Normally I make it a habit not to talk about eBay purchases until I have the goods in hand, but I thought I'd make an exception this time in order to talk about my instant success. I'll be sure to post a full review once the cards are in hand.

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