Remember that box of UD Masterpieces?

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The one that I opened while I was writing my reports? Well, I realised that I haven't posted the results from that box yet. I teased it a bit, but never actually showed anything. Well, here's what I got. Let's start with the big hits, because neither of them are available anymore.

The Stroke of Genius autograph was John Maine, and it's on its way to BA Benny along with a stack of other cards. I'd like to thank Mike for giving my Yankee Stadium Legacy cards a good home, along with some other cards that I know he'll like.

And you can see why I was excited about the relic. This is only the second time I've personally pulled an auto or relic of a player I collect (the other was an Ichiro jersey in 2010 Allen and Ginter). Good ol' Junior - welcome to the family. I think you're really going to like it here with all the other Junior cards.

Here are the framed cards that I pulled. It was also good for my PCs, as I got a framed Lincecum. The Jay Bruce is nice for me, too - it's a brown frame that's numbered to 100. The red Verlander already has a new home - it will be moving to Virginia to join Spankee's collection. Not sure why I got so many Padres - the Maddux and Peavy are available for trade. Eddie Murray, on the other hand, is staying here since he's wearing a Birds uniform (as it should be!).

The short prints in the box included Jack Morris, Steve Carlton, Mike Schmidt and Rod Carew. There was also a Yogi SP that isn't available anymore - it's going to Queens along with John Maine. I'm keeping the Ripken, of course. The other ones may be available for trade soon - I purchased the complete set of SPs but had to get it shipped to my parents. Once I get the OK from them that everything is as it should be, I'll make these four cards available for trade.

Finally, I have a number of duplicate base cards that I'm willing to trade. In numerical order:

4 - Chipper Jones
5 - Max Scherzer
13 - Curt Schilling
19 - Ryne Sandberg
27 - Victor Martinez
33 - Asdrubal Cabrera
34 - Gary Sheffield
42 - Andruw Jones
70 - Jimmy Rollins
71 - Ryan Howard
77 - Jake Peavy
78 - Barry Zito
80 - Tim Lincecum
84 - Jason Varitek (x2)

As always, leave me a comment or shoot me an e-mail if you are interested in any of the available cards. You can find my contact details on the "Contact Me" page, funnily enough.

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    I'd be please if you chose me to trade the Morris and Carew cards to...pretty sure I can come up with something to trade back.

    uh, "pleased" even

    So I guess I don't need to request the Verlander. I almost commented before I read the words that said it was already coming my way. Thanks! I have reason to believe that I will be getting a box of Masterpieces for Christmas. I can't wait.

    Hey! I think I have that Rod Carew card too. Nice.