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No, not mine. Someday I hope to have a contest, but right now I just hope to have my card collection all ready for when the movers get here.

The contest I am referring to is over at All About Cards. Earlier, Ian asked for nominations for three categories for the end of year awards. Now, the polls are open and it's time to vote. And vote you shall, simply by clicking on the link above.

Since I like to have people know my opinions on things (it's kinda why I have a blog), I will share my votes with you:

"Sickest" card of 2010 - The Bowman Stephen Strasburg 1/1 Red Auto. Four 1/1 Strasburg cards drove the whole market for a time this spring, then the last one to be found kept the bubble going all by itself. Even months after it was found, I was still able to sell a hobby box of Bowman on eBay for $150+

You telling me that's not sick, by any definition of sick that you choose?

Fan Favorite Set - Allen & Ginter. As I said before, any set that inspires its own annual month-long, net-wide contest has got to be pretty damn popular. It was a fairly easy choice for me, although Obak is getting more and more popular every year and was a close second. If someone ever starts an "Obak-palooza" contest, I may have to revisit my vote.

Box Most Likely to Contain "Mojo" - Topps Triple Threads. It was the only baseball set that was nominated, and I collect baseball cards. But it is a very nice set. Someday, when I grow up, I'll be able to afford a box of Triple Threads.

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