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Life is slowly but surely getting back to normal here. We moved the bookshelves into the office, which means I have a more permanent (and better) place for my cards than the top of the computer desk. Still no scanner, though, so I have to write about some of my recent online purchases.

Such as this one, for the Ken Griffey White Sox Project. Looks like a normal 2009 StarQuest card. Possibly common silver, although it's hard to tell from the scan. In fact, that's what it was listed as on the Check Out My Cards website, with a price of 99 cents. Then, I decided to look at the back of the card, and here's what I found:

According to the back, it's not a Silver Common at all, but a Blue Uncommon. I didn't hesistate, I just paid the 99 cents. No point in haggling over a few cents and having the guy realise what happened.

The way I figure it, one of three things is true:

1) COMC stuffed up, that's not the scan that goes with the card I bought, and I bought a Silver Common for 99 cents. I can live with that. No big deal.

2) The front of the card is silver (again, it's hard to tell by the scan, as both the silver and blues seem to look similar) and the back says it's blue. That, my friends is an error card. And worth more than 99 cents

3) It really is a Blue Uncommon, and I just got it for the price of a common card. Bargain.

Do I feel bad about taking advantage of the situation? Not at all. You can best believe that if I wasn't collecting Griffeys in general and '09 Griffeys in particular, I would have flipped that bad boy. If you're selling a card, it's your responsibility to make sure everything is correct in your listing. Whether it was mis-labelled, mis-priced, or both, that's none of my concern. For me, it's a bargain, plain and simple.

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