World Cup Fever (and four more packs to open)

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A warning - the World Cup is going to start in about an hour (as I type this). Which means for the next month, I'll be focused on the following things, probably in this order:

1. The World Cup
2. Writing my report cards
3. This blog

That's just how it is for me. Baseball and soccer are my two sporting loves. The World Cup only comes around once every four years, and even though it isn't the best soccer in the world (because the players are all just too bloody tired after a long club season), it is the most important. So updates to the blog will be sporadic. However, my phone is never too far away from me, which means Twitter isn't, either (@JonathanRGB).

On to four more packs of Topps 2009 Series 1:

Pack 5 (Babe Ruth on the front):

195 - Tim Lincecum (the baseball card gods continue to send me messages to start a Lincecum PC. I may have to relent soon.)
119- Craig Counsell (all you can see is COUNSELL 30 in giant letters. It's a nice picture...of his back)
262 - Mike Gonzalez (I wish he was still a Brave. Being on the 60-day DL will have to do. Don't come back soon, Mike!)
221 - AL ERA Leaders

78 - Tim Lincecum NL Cy Young (see what I mean? Two Big Time Timmy Jims in one pack!)
84 - Rod Barajas
112 - Hideki Okajima
131 - Joe Torre
104 - Brandon Moss

Pack 6 (Ryan Howard)

260 - Manny Ramirez
256 - Reggie Abercrombie
4 -NL Batting Average Leaders
153 - Lastings Milledge

TR37 - Kevin Kouzmanoff Turkey Red (another one I don't have - nice!)
293 - Brian Bixler
42 - Jeff Francoeur
125 - Roy Oswalt
223 - Dave Roberts

Pack 7 (Purple-Lipped Cheater)

303 - Zach Duke
244 - Sean Rodriguez
111 - Troy Percival
63 - Josh Outman (RC) (I'd show this card if I hadn't already showed the gold card in the last post)
179 - Rafael Furcal

LG2 - Honus Wagner Legends of the Game

144 - Matt Tuiasosopo (RC)
101 - Nick Hundley
74 - Trey Hillman

Pack 8 (Ted Williams)

140 - Brandon Webb
243 - Chase Headley

253 - Edgar Renteria (he's a Flying Wallenda out there!)
203 - Jair Jurrjens
268 - Chris Burke

LG6 - Tris Speaker Legends of the Game
231 - Xavier Nady
234 - John Russell
159 - Matt Antonelli (RC)

I'm off to a quiz night. Hopefully it won't end too late and I can watch the soccer matches. Big one at 2:30 a.m. (Perth time) - the U.S. versus England. C'mon you Yanks!

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