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After my trip up to Perth got cancelled delayed for a week, that's kind of slowed down my progress. I've got a bunch of cards that need to be sorted but nowhere to put them. Also, I went to the store to pick up some binder sheets (they were back in stock) only to find they weren't quite right. They were Ultra-Pro, all right, but they weren't the platinum ones. They were the "hologram series" and frankly, crap. The plastic feels different in your hands and is a lot slicker. In fact, the cards that I did put into the sheets are already trying to escape.

Basically, they're useless to me. It sucks, because I thought I found a local solution, even for a quick 10 or 20 sheets at a time. I guess I just have to keep looking. I'll probably just give the sheets away to my students for their football cards. They're too young to be picky about storage. Hell, some of them even keep their cards in their pockets! (I make sure to let them know that's not the proper way to store cards). I also refuse to trade with them for cards with dinged corners. I believe in tough love.

Anyway, what's the best way to deal with having too many cards and no place to put them? By opening more cards, of course. Specifically, a blaster pack of '09 Heritage. Yes, I know I went on a Heritage rant last week. But this is '09 Heritage. Completely different.

Not really. In my first pack, out of the eight cards, I got two team cards and two insert cards. Only the fact that one of the team cards was the Reds and one of the insert cards had a picture of Brooks Robinson saved this pack:

Pack two at least were all cards of players, but none from the teams I collect. I did get this guy, again:

I always seem to get Lincecum cards, no matter what manufacturer or set I'm opening. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me to start collecting him. He is a darn good player, at least.

Pack three, however, was the best of the lot. I could tell I was in for something when I saw the side edges of the cards were different colors. Hidden in the middle was this:

Yes, it's another Yankee. But it's an old Yankee, Bobby Richardson. And it's not a Yankee relic card. Look closely at the description. It's a relic from a seat at the old palace on 33rd Street, Memorial Stadium.

A freakin' Memorial Stadium relic!!!

I haven't opened packs 4 through 8 yet. Quite frankly, I'm not going to get better than I've already got so why even try?

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    Pretty sweet pull!

    Good pull...even if it a Yankee. I WILL be mailing that package to you shortly. Seriously. I mean it this time!