A classic good news/bad news situation

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The good news: We planned a trip to Perth this weekend for my father-in-law's birthday, which means a trip to the card shop.
The bad news: I forgot that I have to be back in town for 8:30 mass on Sunday, so no trip to the card shop for me.

The good news: I found out from a couple of my students that they sell Ultra Pro binder sheets at the supermarket, of all places.
The bad news: When I got to the supermarket, they were sold out.

The good news: It turns out that Dave & Adam's website will ship internationally (most card shops won't) and at fairly reasonable shipping rates.
The bad news: I have to wait until the next paycheck to order, so I missed out on the moving sale.

The good news: I have enjoyed organising the older cards in my collection, as well as the cards I have received in the mail through group breaks.
The bad news: See Nos. 1 and 2. I am now critically low on binder sheets and the organisation project has ground to a halt.

The good news: My wife cooked a delicious curry for dinner tonight.
The bad news: I had to clean up all the dirty dishes.

The good news: The Reds are in first place!
The bad news: There is no bad news. Here's a Brandon Phillips card to celebrate:

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    The fourth good news-bad news scenario is an eternal problem for me.

    Go Reds!