Horizontal Card Mania

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There has been a bit of talk on the blogosphere lately about horizontal cards. When I went shopping this past weekend, I picked up a couple of packs of 2007 Upper Deck because they were three bucks (Australian) each, so why not? Classic impluse purchase.

I don't know that much about the 2007 UD, so I have to ask - were horizontal cards common in that set? Because I got four in my two packs:

Love the Thome and Payton action shots.I wonder where that ball that Thome hit ended up, and Payton no doubt ended up safe. I can't figure out the circumstances of the Molina card - I think it is probably before one of the Padre games where they honor the military and wear their camoflauge unis? That would explain Colina's game pants and batting practice top, especially because he clearly looks like he's warming up...but all those servicemen - not what you expect in the background of a baseball card. I guess that's what makes the hobby so interesting - you never know what you're going to open next.

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    Mate I bought a box of these about 3 weeks ago - from the box I am missing only ONE card! I can't remember what number it is, but it is the Jason Bay common card. I also noticed a large number of Horizontal cards. I'm not much of a fan of horizontal cards, mostly because they screw up the pattern of being able read names as I go thru piles of them quickly! If only there were some card shops in my area (Wollongong/Sydney) but they've all closed down now. Bummer! Ebay and the very occasional card show is about it!