2009 Topps Box Break (Car Trouble Edition)

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What a week! The last week of vacation was certainly memorable. On Monday, I went into school to get some preparation done for next term. Guess what? No computer server. Makes it hard to do work. On the way home, the timing belt on my car broke. Makes it hard to drive. The good news is that I had just gotten it replaced, so it clearly wasn't installed properly, and the mechanics had to fix it. Didn't cost me any money because it wasn't my mistake. The bad news is, I had to sit by the side of the road for two hours waiting for a tow truck.

After a week, the car is fixed. School starts tomorrow. Go in to get some prep work done, guess what? The power's out. No computers, no copiers, no nothing. Makes it even harder to do work (at least I could photocopy some stuff when the server was down). Not a great start to the term.

Now the good news - my box of 2010 Topps Series 1 arrived from New Jersey today. That was two weeks - great timing, if you ask me. I think I earned some wax busting. Even though I said I wouldn't until the end of the week, somehow I feel like I can ration a little bit less. Here's a video of me opening the next four packs of 2009 Series 2. I promise it's better than the first two:

By the way, I put my cards in their sleeves as soon as I finished the video. When I got to Willy Tavares, I looked up his card number (341) and saw that he had a home right next to...Joe Mauer! The best hitter in Major League Baseball side-by-side with the worst.

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    Wow, great sound quality. Maybe the third time will be the charm.

    Hey Jonathan,

    It's working now!