2009 Topps Box Break (Relic Edition)

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Well, it had to happen sometime. No, I'm not talking about pulling a duplicate. That's still going strong - 31 packs and 238 cards without one base card dupe. At 72 percent complete, I'm well defying the odds with every pull. At the same time, even if my last five packs in the box are full of dupes, I'll have completed much more of the base set with this box than I could have ever hoped for going into it.

No, I'm talking about the "hit." In this video, you'll see that I found the guaranteed autograph or relic in each box. Who is it? What is it? Which pack is it in? Click on the video to find out more...

There's five more packs to go in this box, and then I'm going to tear into the 2010 Series 1 box. After I break the last five packs, I'll post my want list for the remaining cards. Even if I managed to keep my streak up and don't pull any more duplicates, I'm still going to end up about 50 cards short of completing the set (I'm 92 cards short at the present time). Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure we'll be able to work something out. Unopened 1988 Topps cello packs, anyone? ;)

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