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Wow, three days without a post. Sorry about that. As a teacher, and with the end of the term coming up and reports and conferences and stuff to do, it can get a bit hectic. Thorzul knows what I'm talking about.

Anyway, I'm still waiting on the Topps Series 1 packs to arrive from Victoria. To give you some idea of the geography, it's like being in southern California and waiting for something to come regular first-class mail from Florida. Only the infrastructure in Australia isn't as robust as it is in America.

I'm thinking they'll come in the mail today. I also bet that they won't deliver them, and instead leave me a note saying to come to the post office to pick the package up because it won't fit in the mailbox. This will be tricky because, as I said, I've got parent/teacher conferences after school all this week and next. Oh, and the post offices aren't open on Saturdays. I probably should have timed this better.

When I do get the cards, you can bet I'll be posting my finds on the blog. I'll also be doing my own season preview for each of the five teams we cover here. (I say that like I have some kind of news-gathering organisation).

Can't wait - in two weeks, it'll be Easter break, and I'll have two weeks off to watch baseball and...well, that's about it.

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