The Ageless Wonder

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I loved this Jayson Stark story about Jamie Moyer, and how, at age 47, he has no desire to slow down or even think about retiring. That inspired me to dig through and find the oldest Jamie Moyer card in my collection, his 1987 Topps card:

 A couple of things struck me about this card. First, the 1987 Topps was the first complete set that I owned (received it as a Christmas present that year). And there's still a guy pitching in the big leagues who had a card in that set! It's funny, because I don't really remember Jamie Moyer back then. Probably because he was a young guy pitching for the Cubs, and I tried to avoid the Cubs at all costs, unless they were playing the Reds on WGN.

Secondly, the 1987 card holds special significance, because, as Stark points out in his column, 1987 was the last time a team had such a geriatric pitcher in their starting rotation (the Indians and 48-year-old Phil Niekro, in case you're wondering). I don't think that 1987 Jamie Moyer looked at Phil Niekro that season and thought he'd be in the same place, 23 years later. But I could be wrong.

Finally, here's the back of Moyer's 1987 card. It looks a bit, well, incomplete compared to what we know now. No Mariners, no Orioles, no Phils:
How about that factoid! Johnny Vander Meer, eat your heart out.

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