Can you help me solve a mystery?

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Last night I was opening a blaster of 2012 Series 2 when I came across something unusual. One of the cards was #395, Rod Barajas. When I got to the page in the binder where #395 goes, in the space I saw...Jonathan Lucroy.


Even more, I saw another Rod Barajas card, only it had #391 on it. And, furthermore, the back was printed upside down.

Now this, to me, is where it gets really confusing. The Barajas-395 was printed perfectly. If that was the mis-numbered card, then shouldn't it be the one that's misprinted, too? You can't have two #395 cards. If Barajas is really 395, then what number is Lucroy supposed to be? And if Barajas is 391, then why was my card printed upside down? Is it possible I have two Barajas error cards; one with the right number printed the wrong way, and one printed the right way, but with the wrong number?

The more I think about it, there isn't any way I don't have two error cards. One of those 395 cards is right, and the other is wrong. And there's no disputing that the 391 is printed upside down.

Has anyone heard anything about numbering shenanigans with Topps Series 2? Or have I stumbled on a one-off? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    according to:

    Card Numbering Issues: Rod Barajas & Jonathan Lucroy share the same card number (#395). Barajas is also card #391 (same picture, same exact card except the number). This is an UN-CORRECTED ERROR (UER). They ARE NOT worth more then any other base card. Do not be fooled by eBay auctions that list these as "errors". If Topps doesn't correct the error (and they haven't in MANY YEARS) then they aren't worth more. Intentional errors - like the ones found in 2012 Heritage Baseball are more gimmicky then they are - say for example - a true error card like the 1990 Topps Frank Thomas NNOF (no name on front) rookie (some would argue that card was also a 'gimmick' :>) Similar numbering issues and printing goofs have been found in 2012 Series 1, 2012 Bowman and pretty much every larger print run set Topps produces.