Bonehead of the Week: Tom Wilhelmsen

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The situation: Top of the 7th, 1 out, bases loaded. Mariners up 2-0

What happened: Denard Span hits a tailor-made double play ball right back at Wilhelmsen. Instead of throwing the ball to Jesus Montero waiting at the plate to get the lead runner or maybe even a 1-2-3 double play, Wilhelmsen unexpectedly throws to second base. Nobody is expecting the ball to go to second, not even second baseman Dustin Ackley. Luckily, Ackley manages to catch the throw, but all hands are safe and the Twins score a run.

The aftermath: You can probably guess what happens next. Wilhelmsen damn near walks Jamey Carroll on four pitches, but Carroll hits into a 3-6 fielder's choice (which plates the tying run). That, of course, brings up Joe Mauer. Wilhelmsen is pulled for Charlie Furbush, who grooves a 3-1 fastball (with a base open) that Mauer hits for a single, scoring Trevor Plouffe to give the Twins a 3-2 lead. That's all for Furbush, but Steve Delabar gets into the act by plunking Josh Willingham to load the bases back up. A nervy at-bat to Ryan Doumit ensues, complete with pitches in the dirt that need to be blocked and a warning-track fly that Ichiro mercifully gathers up, ending the inning. But the damage was done - Twins, 3-2. And that's how it stayed.

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    It was even more painful to sit in my couch and watch it. As much as I still love my team, they are driving me nuts. No one can hit, the bullpen is disarray, and the coaching staff can't get it right.

    I get the feeling we won't even sniff .500 again this year, and it seems we are getting farther away from improving. I'm really not sure when this team will ever be relevant in local or national circles.