An open letter to the Nippon Ham Fighters

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Dear Nippon Ham Fighters,

You already have the coolest name in all of professional baseball, so please don't do anything that will endanger all of that goodwill. You have already publicly stated that you will accept the highest bid for Yu Darvish. Well, the bids are all in, you know what they are (heck, we even know that the highest bid is a monster), and we all know you're gonna take the cash.

Please don't make us wait until the Tuesday deadline. Just announce, today, that you have accepted the bid, and then we can all find out who massively overpaid for the next Daisuke Matsuzaka.

Sincerely yours,

P.S. My money's on the Rangers

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    Did the Cubs make a bid? I hope they don't get him... The NL Central has emptied out, time for the Reds to make a RUN FOR OCTOBER!

    According to MLB Trade Rumors, the Cubs bid was a low-ball and they are "under no delusions that they will get Darvish."

    Since your money was on the Rangers, do you mind chipping in to pay the bid? Crazy money.

    I have no plans to buy any Rangers tickets or paraphernalia but you and other Rangers fans will certainly be chipping in!