So which is it?

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Look carefully at the back of this card:

The blurb says Altherr was born in Germany, but the stats say he was born in Arizona. So which is it?

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    Maybe he was birthed in AZ but came out wearing Jack-boots and a red arm band.


    I would say something how that's preferable to the Brewer / Pearce / Trent Franks contingent in AZ, but I'll hold my tongue.


    BR has him born in AZ. PhilliesNation has him born in Germany. Hmmmm...

    That's true - it didn't actually say he was born in Germany, so you could make the case that "German born" refers to the style of the birth.

    Perhaps the obstetrician shouted to him: "You vill kome out ov zee uteruss now; and you vill LIKE IT!"