Diamond Giveaway tradeathon

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Here's a list of the current outstanding trades I have on the Diamond Giveaway site. See if you can pick out the theme:

Yes, I have (unofficially) begun work on the birth year set. I've decided to collect as many 1975 cards as I can, then get them shipped at the end of the giveaway. Right now, I have one '75er in my collection (Earl Williams), but I hope to get more by trading up my '76 and '77 cards or even trading down '73s and '74s. We'll see.

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    I've got '75 #42 Joe Coleman and #564 Tommy Davis in my transmogrifier repository. Throw me some Braves or whatever and they're yours.

    Only Brave I have is that Dave May. I've put an offer in for both Davis and Coleman. Your choice. Thanks!

    By the way - somebody bit on the Muser so now I have two 75ers in the collection (soon to be three?)