A score of Ichiros

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More cards from my weekend of impulse eBay buying. This time, it's another lot of Ichiros for 99 cents - twenty of them. Only one duplicate from the last pack, but sadly quite a few cards I already had. Still, there were some good additions, as you'll see.

These were the Topps and Bowman cards that were included. I really like the look of the Peak Performance card in the top left. It seems like I got everyone else's Peak Performance card in the boxes I busted, so it's nice to finally have this one.

There were also nine Upper Deck cards in the pack. Of course, I already had the Heroes and Spectrum cards, as I collect the entire Heroes set and am building the Spectrum rainbow. The Marquee Matchups cards with Dice-K is one that I've contemplated getting from Al's for a few trips now, but never did pick up. I guess I don't have to, now.

That's 18 cards. What were the other two? You guessed it - Ichichromes:

2009 Topps to go with my two 2010 Topps, and a 2009 Bowman Chrome as well.

Coming soon, another blaster of 2011 Topps, plus a pack of 2011 Australian Rules Football cards.

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    I love the idea of just picking up cheap lots of your favorite player. I may have to do this for J-Up. Then again, there are far more Ichiro base cards out there then there are for J-Up, so you are probably a lot less likely to just get doubles of stuff you already have.

    Also, I'm starting a collection of Ichiro cards that have a picture of him swinging and are horizontally oriented. If you've got doubles you can trade, let me know.

    skoormit AT gmail

    You can find my tradelist at zistle.com/skoormit.