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It's time to redeem some more Diamond Giveaway codes, in the attempt to get more virtual cards and virtual rings and, eventually, an actual cell phone cover. Tonight, I hope to redeem two codes, yet get three cards. How so? Read on to find out.

You've probably figured it out already, but even if you have, keep on reading...

First up is Albert Pujols, but not the Pujols card that got me the Ike Davis die-cut. This is a different Pujols, it's a diamond-embedded Pujols. The other one had a picture of a die-cut Pujols, and I unlocked a die-cut card. So you do the math...

...because it comes out to a 1978 Rudy May and a Texas Rangers ring. I already have the Washington Senators ring. Just not the same Washington Senators that became the Rangers.

And besides, I don't think that ring has enough bling on it to represent a team based in Dallas, the home of conspicuous consumption.

The next code to be redeemed is...Albert Pujols, again. I got two of these cards from A Cardboard Problem as a part of the Jumbo Case break. Six boxes per case, ten code cards per box, 30 teams in the break, you do the math again...

Because it comes out to two code cards per team and two late-'70s Topps cards. For the record, Gene is the fourth card I've gotten from 1977-1979 (out of seven codes redeemed so far). I know there are more than a few bloggers out there who collect from that era. I am not one of them. Once trading on cards starts, I'll be more than happy to trade if you need these cards for your sets.

Oh yeah - the ring. Well, as you can see, that's a Ted Williams ring. As you might remember from my previous post, I had the worst luck when it came to unearthing rings. Three out of five the same?!? So when it came to this dig, there was a fly that had landed on my monitor. I took it as a sign, and Buzzy led me to the Splendid Splinter. And that ring led me to my bonus code, which led to this card:

We're working our way backwards! A 1976 Charlie Moore. I don't collect the 1976 set, either. Had it been 1975, I would have considered it, because I always said to myself that I would collect the '75 set someday. But I guess that's for the next code I redeem.

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