2011 Topps Jumbo - Pack 6

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More progress in completing the set. While there aren't a lot of cards to write home about, at least there weren't any duplicates, either. Here's my picks from the pack:

Best three cards (in reverse order):

#3 – Coco Crisp (#190): I like collecting (maybe hoarding is a better word) Athletics cards because of the green and gold. I love the way those two colors look together and find it very appealing. Green and gold, in case you didn't know, are also the official colors of Australia. Even though you'll find neither in our flag, they're all over the place in our sporting uniforms.

I also like dirt on my baseball cards. Dirt signifies extra effort, and playing hard. Combining green, gold and dirt is a winner in my book.

#2 – Carlos Ruiz (#219): Look at his eyes. Ruiz is tracking that fly ball. It's those little things - capturing the fundamentals on film - that makes me happy. I love cards that do that.

#1 – John Buck (#296): Who knew that a card that obscured the subject's face could look so good? But that is one heck of a catcher's mask right there. It's only fitting - the Blue Jays' Charlie O'Brien started the trend of hockey-style catcher's gear. Not surprising, really. Here's something you might not know - O'Brien originally had a mask with a fierce-looking Blue Jay, in the traditional hockey mask style. But MLB wouldn't approve it, and made O'Brien go with a mask with the official Jays logo instead. It was quite a few years before they finally relented and allowed masks with personality.

Worst card:
Heath Bell (#178). It's not so much the card, because I like the picture and the display of raw emotion. My problem is with the uniform that Bell is wearing. Judging by the hat, it looks like a Fourth of July (or September 11th) special - see the flag hat? But the uniform is all-white. First, I thought the Padres wore a sandy beige? Second, that uniform isn't just white - it's, really, really gleaming white. He looks like a chef.

Jamie Moyer Award for best card back:
Kurt Suzuki (#79). This card gets the nod for its brief primer on Hawaiian baseball history, at least Hawaiian baseball history as it relates to Kurt Suzuki.

Insert cards:

Chipper Jones Topps 60

Albert Pujols/Miguel Cabrera Diamond Duos

1990 Bernie Williams 60 Years of Topps

1953 Duke Snider 60 Years of Topps Lost Card (A particularly poignant inclusion)

1988 Greg Maddux 60 Years of Topps Original Backs (there's something kind of anti-climactic about getting a card that you already have the original...but I guess it could have been worse - it could have been that 2010 Albert Pujols)

Jered Weaver Kimball Champions

Was there a hit? Is it available for trade?:
No, and with three already pulled I don't expect there to be any more.

Any Diamond Parallel cards?:

Yes! David Wright (#15). Notice anything missing? Like diamond foil? That's four out of six. I give up.

Card I was most happy to see: Paul Konerko (#93). While he is Mr. White Sox now, Paul first made his mark in the big leagues with the Reds after spending time as a Dodgers farmhand (and touted prospect). While I don't necessarily seek out Konerko cards and don't have a Konerko PC, I won't turn them away and am always glad to get them. I think four different PCs are enough, though.

Oddball card I thought I'd mention: Matt Lindstrom (#222). Notice where the Topps logo is on this card? It's not where it's supposed to be. Since I only have one copy, I can't tell if this is a printing error or if the card is really supposed to be laid out like that. I can't see anything in the top left-hand corner that would keep the logo from going there. It's not like his pitching hand is in the way or anything.

I'm going with printing error. Does anyone else have a picture of a Lindstrom card they can post?

Overall thoughts:
Another pack that serves its purpose - the purpose being, get me closer to completing the set! Nothing to shout about, but any time I can get another 41 cards closer to my goal, I'm not going to complain.

Set Progress: 225/330 (68.2%) 
Lyle Overbay sightings: 1

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    I think they're probably all like that. My theory is that since they need a bigger insignia for the black/gold/diamond parallels they put the logo somewhere else if those larger insignias would not fit in the top left.

    So even there the regular logo would have fit in the top left the others wouldn't have, so they just moved everything down.

    The Mantle card is like the Lindstrom card, too.

    I wondered the same thing, but like Nathan, I concluded it must have been to accomodate the diamond parallels. The logo would have too squeezed in the upper left because of the photo image on those cards.