Uniform Back Cards (Part 5 in a series)

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Not even Allen & Ginter is immune from the uniform back phenomenon. You would think that a set based on artwork, not photography, wouldn't have shots of people's backs. You'd be wrong. Allen & Ginter, after all, is artwork based on photography. Here's some examples from the 2010 set:

Nick Markakis from my beloved Orioles gets the back treatment. This card isn't one of a batting stance, but rather, it looks like a follow through. However, his face is still obscured, and there's a good view of his back. Plus, with it being Allen & Ginter, there's a field of verdant green in the background, with just a touch of basepath.

Next up, star closer Joe Nathan. Did you know that I once had a substitute teacher in the 7th grade mispronounce my first name as "Joe Nathan"? I had no idea he was talking to me until he said my last name, too. This isn't a true uniform back because you can see his face and his back is turned slightly away from the camera, but you can make out his number and most of his name, and it's about as good as you're going to get with A&G.

King Tut? How did he get in here? Actually, I've just been reading a book about Egyptian history and when I went looking through my A&G binder in search of uniform backs, I found ol' Tut, so I decided to throw him in this post. Simple as that.

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