Temporary Trading Hiatus

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If you have sent me an e-mail about a potential trade, there are two good reasons you haven't heard back from me yet:

1. My mind has been focused on finishing my report cards (I'm a little bit more than halfway finished!)
2. I don't know what address to tell you to send the cards to yet

There is a package on the way from Mr. Colbey Flywheels, and one from eBay. Those were sent on Monday. Anything else sent to me from this point on, I'm afraid, will probably not make it in time before my (next) move (yes, I know I just moved six months ago).

I am definitely interested in trading, and hope to resume negociations with people next week. Until then, I thank you all for your patience. I haven't forgotten anyone, it's just easier for me to post this one time on my blog rather than send out a bunch of e-mails.

Hopefully the cards that have been sent will get here in time so I can show them off!

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