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So I logged into my Million Card Giveaway account to see what trade offers were available. It was the usual detritus - six 1985 to 1988 cards for my 1971 Curt Blefary, an '89 Ozzie Smith for my '71 Johnny Jeter, five junk wax cards for my Luis Tiant, and my personal favorite, a 1987 Don Mattingly All-Star card for the 1968 card in my account.

Not even the regular card. The All-Star card.




Hang on, what's this? An offer for my 1956 Jim Davis (aka the oldest card in my collection). It's another 1956 card, and it's not a Cub. In fact, it's a White Sox card:

Hello Dixie Howell. I do believe I'll trade for you.

The back of the card says that Dixie Howell made the majors in 1955 after twenty years in the minor leagues. In a feat reminicent of Ron Mahay or Rick Ankiel in reverse, Dixie actually tried to break in to the Reds team in 1943 as an outfielder, and made it 12 years later as a pitcher instead. He is not to be confused with Dixie Howell the catcher, although the MCG site seems to do that anyway. But the best part of this card isn't any of that. It's his full name:

Yes, Dixie Howell is named after one of America's great forgotten presidents, Millard Fillmore. I'm not really sure what would possess parents to name their child after Millard Fillmore. I'm pretty sure that even by 1920, he was already considered a mediocre president. You have to wonder - did he have a brother named Franklin Pierce Howell? Or Martin Van Buren Howell, perhaps?

No wonder he went by Dixie, even though he was from Pennsylvania.

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