Joy of a Completed Page (Rainbow Edition)

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A package arrived from the States, from my parents. Inside were two pillow speakers (the things that you plug into your clock radio and then put under your pillow so you can listen to the radio at night without disturbing your partner), a complete 1989 Upper Deck set (more on that later), and a Felix Hernandez bobblehead doll. In some ways, that was the best gift because on the customs form, my poor confused mom listed it as a "H. Fernandez bobble head doll". So I guess I'm now the proud owner of a Helix Fernandez stadium giveaway.

But also in the package were some cards. And enough of those card fit into a certain binder page to give me this:

That's 2009 Spectrum card #82, otherwise known as The Freak, Tim Lincecum. And that, my friends, is my first complete rainbow. Strangely enough, the #/25 turquoise card was not in the package - I already had that one. But the blue, green and black cards give me the complete set. I also stuck the two Spectrum Swatches cards (blue and light blue) to fill the gaps and create a nice nine-card spread.

I'm also collecting the Griffey, Ichiro and Helix Fernandez rainbows. I've got the six Ichiro non-relic cards (although some of them are in my COMC account), both of the Griffey Spectrum Swatches (but not the gold relic or some of the parallels) and a couple of King Felixes. In fact, the red King Felix was my first Spectrum parallel - you can read about its misfiling on this page.

But for now, I'm basking in the glory of my first rainbow. I showed my wife, and while she feigned an appropriate level of enthusiasm, I could tell her heart wasn't really in it. So I'm sharing with you, dear reader. I know you're happy for me.

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