Joy of a Completed Page (Alistair Cook edition)

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The first page of 2008 Masterpieces that I've completed. One Hall-of-Famer, two sure-fire future HOFers, and a fourth person who will certainly be heading to Cooperstown if he keeps pitching the way he has in his first four seasons.

I love seeing Tony Gwynn in his 80's-style Padres uniform. Also, how skinny he looks. Poor Luke Hochevar sticks out like a sore thumb. I wonder why Upper Deck was so desperate to work him in to all the 2008 sets? He has a card in the Heroes set as well - and it's the exact same picture! It looks like the headshot that they make everybody take in spring training so they can use it in the media guide.

By the way, Ichiro was the last card I needed to finish off this page.

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    Wow... This page has three of my PC players (Gwynn, Maddux, and Ichiro)... I love it.

    Best of luck building this set... it's one of the best in recent years.