2010 Topps Update - the Trade bait

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Here's the cards and inserts that I got from my jumbo box of Topps Update. Most of these are available for trade. If you see something you want, please let me know, but quickly. Because of the house move, I'd like to get these trade packages in the mail by Friday, which means Thursday night in America. The post offices in Australia aren't open on Saturdays.

Here are the chrome rookie cards. The Tabata came in my jumbo box, while the Demel was a card I was given when I went to my local card shop and they opened a fresh jumbo box for me. Both are available for trade, ideally for a chrome rookie card I actually care about (i.e. one of the Reds or Oriole cards)

The gold parallels in the box (#ed to 2010) were heavy on the Athletics for some reason. That being said, I'm perfectly willing to trade any of them. The only card that's hands-off is the Joey Votto card.

Cards available: 13 Max Scherzer, 42 Conor Jackson, 73 Torii Hunter All-Star, 95 Jamie Moyer, 102 Chris Carter, 115 Brad Lincoln, 167 Ramon Santiago, 239 Gabe Gross, 268 Logan Morrison

Now for the hits. The box promises two relics and an autograph, and that's exactly what I got. Except both the relics are manufactured and the autograph is a sticker.

Jonathan hasn't decided yet what to do with these. Make Jonathan an offer for the Capps auto and/or the Munson patch. Jonathan thinks Jonathan is going to hold on to Rickey, though.

Peak Performance inserts. I'm keeping the Mike Leake, of course, but the other three are available. Dallas Braden, reluctantly so.

Cards available: PP-105 (John Lackey), PP-111 (Ryan Zimmerman), PP-122 (Dallas Braden)

More Tales of the Game and Vintage Legend inserts. I don't collect them, do you? Let's make a trade for inserts I do collect!

More Tales of the Game: MTOG-1 (Joel Youngblood), MTOG-3 (Seven Touchdowns), MTOG-4 (Eddie Mathews), MTOG-5 (Babe Ruth), MTOG-6 (Intracity Sweep), MTOG-7 (Mike Schmidt), MTOG-9 (Andre Dawson/A-Rod), MTOG-10 (Walter Johnson), MTOG-13 (Harry Truman), MTOG-14 (Stephen Strasburg)
Vintage Legends: VLC-31 (Babe Ruth), VLC-32 (Reggie Jackson), VLC-34 (Mike Schmidt), VLC-38 (Lou Gehrig), VLC-39 (Roy Campanella), VLC-45 (Thurman Munson), VLC-46 (Rogers Hornsby), VLC-47 (Jimmie Foxx), VLC-49 (Tris Speaker)

I also pulled a George Sisler but I'm keeping that one.

I do collect Legendary Lineage, but this card (LL-63) is a duplicate. I'd like to  trade it for a Legendary Lineage card I don't have. Check out my want list for the details.

Finally, the base cards. I was able to complete the set, and still have some base cards left over. The Reds, Orioles, White Sox, Mariners and Athletics are staying with me. The Phillies have all found a new home with one of my students, who is improbably a Phillies fan. The rest are up for grabs. No pictures (although the cards are all fresh and well taken care of) and I've listed the dupes by team for your convenience.

Multiple teams
187 - Phil Hughes and David Price (checklist)

272 - Brian Stokes
306 - Dan Haren (x2)

Blue Jays
118 - Jose Bautista (AS)
181 - J.P. Arencibia (RC)
194 - Vernon Wells (AS)
218 - Kevin Gregg

126 - Elvis Andrus (AS)
325 - Ian Kinsler (AS)

292 - Kelly Shoppach

Red Sox
122 - Darnell McDonald
142 - Mike Cameron
163 - Marco Scutaro
192 - Daniel Nava (RC)

111 - Willie Bloomquist
129 - Gregor Blanco
313 - Mitch Maier

9 - Danny Worth (RC)
120 - Brennan Boesch (RC)
199 - Jhonny Peralta
281 - Jose Valverde (AS)

86 - Matt Guerrier
233 - Brendan Harris (x2)
252 - Jim Thome

110 - Curtis Granderson
149 - Kevin Russo (RC)
151 - Kerry Wood
247 - Nick Swisher (Home Run Derby)
280 - Alex Rodriguez (All-Star)

48 - Geoff Blum
121 - J.A. Happ

75 - Jason Heyward (AS)
134 - Rick Ankiel
165 - Omar Infante
213 - Alex Gonzalez
253 - Mike Minor (RC)
288 - Jonny Venters (RC)

35 - Ryan Braun (AS)
246 - LaTroy Hawkins

56 - Matt Holliday (AS)
200 - Albert Pujols (AS)
285 - Jaime Garcia

17 - Marlon Byrd (AS)
204 - Carlos Silva
299 - Xavier Nady

3 - Sam Demel (RC)

70 - Jonathan Broxton (AS)
78 - Jon Link
128 - Reed Johnson
260 - Andre Ethier (AS)

82 - Emmanuel Burriss
196 - Aubrey Huff
267 - Eugenio Velez (x2)
293 - Pat Burrell

150 - Hanley Ramirez (AS)
160 - Josh Johnson (AS)

4 - Alex Cora
20 - Jason Bay

33 - Matt Capps (AS)
183 - Luis Atilano (RC)

60 - Miguel Tejada
221 - Heath Bell (AS)

115 - Brad Lincoln (RC)
235 - Jose Tabata (RC)

71 - Jason Giambi
210 - Ubaldo Jimenez (AS)

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    Wow you got a logoman and a black bat. I wouldn't be too disappointed. Those on ebay would probably more than pay for the box and then some, the auto not so much. I sold a Mauer logoman earlier this year for about 60, you have a Yankees legend, and I sold my Ethier Black bat for 35 and it was slightly damaged. And if your just looking to trade I would think both of those would have great trade potential for something really nice.