The long-waited return, random fun fact, and the GLS

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Hello everybody, I'm back. I apologise for the long absence, but things happened that either kept me away from the computer or my collection, and when I was with either one, I didn't feel the inspiration to write. In fact, I make no promises with how good this post will be, since I'm a fair bit rusty.

However, RGB Cards hasn't been far from my mind, and I've been kicking around a lot of ideas for recurring segments, interesting posts, and the like. And I've been spending a lot of time organising my collection, just in time to move yet again (something I'll get to later, probably in another post).

When I last wrote, I created a borderline rude post about the superiority of Tim Lincecum over Roy Halladay. Well, I got the last laugh because Timmy now has two World Series wins to go with his two Cy Young Awards, and he got the best of Doc in the NLCS. Lincecum is the best pitcher in the National League, regardless of who wins the Cy later on this week. And it's his bobblehead that will be holding a tiny World Series trophy next year, not Halladay's.

Speaking of the World Series, an interesting fact that I discovered when organising my collection. Bruce Bochy's card in the 1985 Topps set is #324. A mere five cards away, at #329? Ron Washington. Twenty-five years later, and they face each other in the World Series. Too bad the managerial careers of John Denny, Kevin Bass, Brook Jacoby and Bob Shirley (325, 326, 327 and 328, respectively) never got off the ground.

Something else that happened while I was "gone"...I opened my second box of 2009 Obak and completed the base set. That got me to thinking - Obak is a "good little set": 100 base cards (not counting short-prints), interesting subjects, historically based, and fits easily in a binder with a couple of other sets. From that realisation, I came up with the idea of the Good Little Set, or GLS. I bought a binder at K-Mart, and started to fill it with the Obak and two other GLSes that I started on. One is 2008 Upper Deck Heroes. While it's far from little when you think of all the parallels, it is just 200 cards for the base set, and those beige cards are in plentiful supply. I currently have 99 of them.

The other GLS in the binder is another 2008 Upper Deck product, Masterpieces. Beautiful to look at, this set is going to look great in my binder when I'm finished with it. The base set is 90 cards (just ten sheets!) but I'm going to have to try for all the short prints, too, because they're so beautiful, and many of them are players or teams I want to have anyway. I've got a box of Masterpieces heading my way in an order from Dave & Adam's. Can't wait to see how many cards I can tick off the list!

That's it for now, but I promise I won't wait five weeks until my next post. Even though things are about to get hectic around here (again)!

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