Happy Thanksgiving...FROM THE FUTURE!!!!

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2007 Tim Lincecum Turkey Red #88. Geddit? Turkey!

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten that Fernandomania post. It's just a very busy time around here - we're heading into the summer in the Southern Hemisphere, so school is wrapping up. That means report cards, end-of-school assemblies, and all that crazy stuff. I hope to write a couple of posts this weekend in between tee-ball games (coaching, not playing) and report cards.

But I did want to take the time out to wish everyone in the cardosphere* a happy Thanksgiving. Even though I'm thousands of miles and thirteen time zones away from America, my wife was still kind enough to cook a full Thanksgiving meal, including all of the Big Five**, after she got home from work. Throw in a bunch of good friends (one of whom is half-American herself, so she knows about Thanksgiving), some wine, and it's a recipe for a pretty terrific evening. I know you all still have Thanksgiving dinner to look forward to. I hope it's as nice as mine was. Enjoy.

* Do you like that phrase? I'm trying to start a thing here. Feel free to spread the word (literally)

** Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes. Green bean casserole, despite what the folks at Durkee might say, is not part of the Big Five. We also had two kinds of pie (pumpkin and apple).

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