2009 A Piece of History

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I picked up this box mostly out of obligation and the need to buy something at my "local" card shop (which is about to get even less local next year). After months (not an exaggeration) of waiting for him to get some baseball boxes, he finally got some in last week. The good news - he got the Updates and Highlights. The bad news - I already ordered it online and couldn't justify buying another box.

So that led me to this, almost by default as it was the cheapest box he had available. But four packs in, I'm glad I got it. It's another fun little set and chock full of bonuses. I've already got two Griffey cards from the 20th anniversary set and a new card for the White Sox Project. I also got an autograph card, with the Piece of Hollywood card and possibly a relic card still to come.

I'll post a wrap-up piece later this week, when all the packs have been busted. And I hope that in a couple of months, when I get back to my "L"CS, there will be at least one more box available. I'm definitely down for another go.

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    '09 APOH is one of my favorite sets. I actually only need one card (#101, David Price) to finish the set. If you have it, and are willing to trade, I'd love to take it off your hands. You can e-mail me at adam.l.cowling@gmail.com.