My three pack a day habit

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Simply put, this is probably the greatest three-pack stretch I've ever had in my life, so I'm going to share it all with you, card by card. The numbering is off because these are the fourth, fifth and sixth packs from this particular box. Remember that I already pulled a Carlos Quentin jersey card in an earlier pack.

Pack 4

Francisco Rodriguez (This Date in History)

16 - Carl Pavano

139 - Miguel Cabrera

288 - Bobby Jenks

221 - Mike Leake - Woo-hoo! My first Mike Leake card with him in a Reds uniform.

242 - Jules Verne (Mini)

AGR-SV Shane Victorino Game Used Bat

Pack 5 (Hereafter referred to as "The Douchebag Pack")

Josh Johnson (This Date in History)

44 - Chris Coghlan

210 - Chris Johnson

114 - Milton Bradley - Believe it or not, he's just the second-biggest douchebag in the pack. You'll see.

136 - Garrett Jones

311 - Chone Figgins

272 - David Blaine - Yep, there he is. The biggest douchebag in the pack, if not the whole damn set.

NA18 - Canadian Beaver (National Animals)

Pack 6

Chase Utley (This Date in History)

211 - Johnny Strange

184 - Jake Peavy

145 - Jim Thome

123 - Mariano Rivera

272 - David Blaine - Mini douchebag to go with the full-sized douchebag!

AGR-IS Ichiro Suzuki Game Used Jersey

This is the first time I've pulled a relic from a pack that's from a player I actually collect. The closest I've ever come in the past was during one of the Thorzul's group breaks, when I scored a Ken Griffey relic card. But that doesn't really count because Thorzul was the one who actually opened the pack - I just got the card in the mail. So this, really, is the biggest pull I've ever made.

I was buzzing after this one, I don't mind telling you. I took the dog for a walk (we're getting paving done at the house so the dog has to stay inside) and worked through what I would say in this post while we were walking. It looks like I've gotten all three hits in the first six packs, but I don't care. Getting an Ichiro relic card is huge for me and it's doesn't matter what's in the rest of the box, it's a winner as far as I'm concerned.

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    Congrats on the Ichiro! It's always great to pull someone you collect.